If you have unsightly acne scars or uneven skin tone due to dark age spots or sun spots, and   
are seeking treatment for these issues, the MicroLaser Peel would be a great option for you to  

MicroLaser Peel is one of the newest technologies in skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.  It is a
minimal to full epidermal laser peel targeted to remove the outermost layers of the skin. A
MicroLaser Peel is customized for each individual patient and tailored to the specific conditions
they would like to have improved.  

Because the conditions and the severity of those conditions vary by patient, we can not give an
estimated number of treatments.  We will be able to give you more information on which
treatment option will be best suited for you and the approximate number of treatments after a
consultation with our physician.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation for a micro laser peel, you may submit a
contact form or call our office to request an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •        Who should consider MicroLaser Peel?

    Anyone with unwanted acne scars, dark sun or age spots, or fine lines or wrinkles is an
    ideal candidate for this procedure.

  •        How does MicroLaser Peel differ from microdermabrasion or chemical peels?

    Typically, microdermabrasion will only affect the outer layer of skin (10-15) microns, while
    the MicroLaser Peel is targeted to the deeper epidermal layers (20-50 microns) for better
    results.  In comparison to deeper chemical peels, the MicroLaser Peel is more ideal for
    patients looking for good results with less downtime.

  •      How many treatments will I need?

    Because the treatment plan varies by patient and their desired results, we are unable to
    provide you with an exact number of treatments.  Our physician will be able to give you a
    more direct answer after a consultation.

  •        How long is the healing process?

    The healing process is relatively quick and the estimated downtime for this peel is
    approximately 3-5 days.  MicroLaser Peel is often times called the Weekend Peel, because
    patients are able to have the procedure performed on a Thursday or Friday and easily
    return to work by Monday.

  •       What should patients expect following treatment?

    Immediately following treatment, the treated area may feel sunburned for the first day.  By
    the second day minor sloughing may occur.  Redness should start to fade by the third day
    and be easily covered with makeup by the fourth day.

  •        Will anesthesia be administered?

    A topical anesthesia will be applied 30-45 minutes before the procedure.