Minimally invasive. No scar. Just great legs. Get dramatic results without drastic measures.
Banish varicose veins with EVLT®, the safe, effective and most widely used laser technique that
works without painful surgery and lengthy downtime.

  •    45-minute procedure
  •    No general anesthesia or hospitalization
  •    Immediate return to your normal routine - with little or no pain
  •    Covered by most insurance carriers
  •    Can be performed in the doctor’s office
  •    Up to 98% success rate
  •    Immediate relief of symptoms
  •    No scars

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •        What are varicose veins?

    Varicose veins are the result of a faulty valve in the vein.  This valve should open and close,
    allowing the blood to flow through in one direction; however, if the valve is damaged or
    broken, the blood becomes pooled and can accumulate in the vein, causing it to become

  •        What causes varicose veins?

    Varicose veins are caused by a number of things.  Varicose veins are sometimes hereditary
    and run in the family.  Individuals who are overweight, and women who are pregnant may
    also develop varicose veins.  They may also be caused when a particular job or task
    requires long periods of standing.

  •        Who is a candidate for EVLT?

    Anyone with varicose veins is a candidate for EVLT; however there are certain tests and
    precertifications one must obtain to be determined eligible for the procedure.  Upon having
    a consultation with our physician, you may be ordered a venous ultrasound to determine if
    there is any reflux or insufficiency in the vein.  If this qualifies you as a candidate for the
    EVLT, we will then determine whether your insurance will cover the procedure.

  •        Will I be hospitalized for this procedure?

    No, you will not be hospitalized for the procedure.  It is a minimally invasive out-patient
    procedure that is performed here in our office.

  •        Will I be under anesthesia during the procedure?

    You will not be under general anesthesia, but a local anesthesia will be applied to the area
    where the laser will be inserted.

  •        Does insurance cover this procedure?

    Most insurance providers will cover this procedure.  If you are determined to be a
    candidate based on your ultrasound, we will then check to see if your insurance will apply.